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Founded on over 30 years of experience in the financial technology space, OneTree Technologies is a global software development company that specializes in building innovative solutions for the Microsoft Office platform.  Our core strength is creating products that greatly improve the efficiency of presentation assembly.
Our flagship product, QuickPitch, greatly reduces duplicate efforts by allowing your highly trained financial, real estate or sales professionals to easily reuse content.  As a result, your staff is able to focus on serving your clients rather than wasting time reinventing the wheel.
Our software increases the return on investment of your most important asset - your people.
Let us show you how.


QuickPitch is a highly configurable content library solution that allows your organization to easily share anything that is typically trapped within Office files such as slides, images, logos, charts, shapes, diagrams or tables.  It can also be used to share entire presentations, documents and templates.  Everything can be found using a powerful search engine and inserted into the active file – all without leaving Office.


The application can be further configured to share industry-specific artifacts such as tombstones (credentials), company profiles, case studies or biographies.  Essentially, a nearly endless amount of content can be organized and reused throughout the organization.

QuickPitch is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office so that content can be categorized, tagged and published directly from your active file.  Our flexible security model provides total control over who sees what.


QuickPitch is sharing at its finest.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate its power and proficiency.


OneTree Technologies, Inc.

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